M. Mara-Ann, writer, vocalist, media artist

Containment Scenario: DisloInter MedTextId entCation: Horse Medicine


"M. Mara-Ann's long hybrid, hypnotic poem-theater work of spoken-music text is ecological structure based on the national report on global warming ..."
— Leslie Scalapino 

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Floating Histories


The fifth and final performance installation in the Containment Scenario Project — a multi-media production of music, dance, text, video, and theater — written & directed by M. Mara-Ann — adapted from the book Containment Scenario: DisloInter MedTextId entCation: Horse Medicine. Floating Histories moves and shifts throughout indoor and outdoor spaces in a surreal audio-visual tale of environment — exploring questions of accessibly, exposure, and inclusion in the muti-faceted, sometime chaotic discourse on climate change.
(in production)

Written & Directed by M. Mara-Ann

Prior Containment Scenario installments:
(4) Profound Fatigue
(3) FUEL
(2) The Clock
(1) The Global Environmental Crisis

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Humming Bear Springs


An artist's retreat in the California Sierra Mountains — the latest collaborative project between artists M. Mara-Ann and Travis Ortiz. Nestled within Tahoe National Forest, Humming Bear Springs embodies their shared love of the arts, nature, and backcountry adventure.

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