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Escúchame Potato
August 9, 2012
Subterranean Arthouse

Visiting from San Jose, Costa Rica, visual and sound artists Paulina Velazquez and Travis Johns join San Francisco intermedia artist M. Mara-Ann to present the new audio-visual work Escúchame Potato: The tale of a few vegetables, some heirloom seeds, and 1000 varieties of the potato, as they traverse the perilous constructions of beauty and normality.

Paulina Velázquez (experimental live animation, sound)
Travis Johns (processed field recordings, electronics)
M. Mara-Ann (extended voice, physical theater)

Escúchame Potato

Paulina Velázquez Solís (born in Puebla, México and lives and works in San José, Costa Rica) is a visual artists working with a diverse media such as installation, sculpture, video and animation with which she references everyday elements with ludic aesthetics that transform the familiar into uncanny. With her project Multifungi she fuses experimental music with videoart in a live performance where the sounds of objects used mixes with texture loops in a cycle of visual sequences that create narratives where improvisation and planning meet. Her work has been presented in places like Museo de Arte y Diseño Contemporáneo, la Galería Nacional, Alianza Francesa and Instituto México in Costa Rica. She has also shown internationally at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum in Taiwan, ExTeresa Arte Actual en México DF, Museo de Arte in San Salvador, Torino Contemporanea en Italia, La Casa de las Américas in La Habana, the Museum of the Americas in Washington DC, UCLA Biennial in Los Ángeles, SUNY Gallery in New Paltz, New York, as well as Mission Cultural Center, Root Division, Luggage Store Gallery, The Lab and the Berkeley Art Museum in the San Francisco Bay Area, and various film festivals. (www.multifungi.com)

Travis Johns is a composer and sound artist from upstate New York, currently living and working in Costa Rica. Using processed field recordings, prepared instruments and homebuilt analog electronics, he creates pieces that blur the lines between performance, composition and installation, often using the environment and biological processes as inspiration for his works. He holds a B.M. in Technology in Music and Related Arts from the Oberlin Conservatory of Music, studies conducted with Tom Lopez, as well as an MFA from Mills College in Electronic Music and Recording Media, studies conducted with Chris Brown, Les Stuck and Hilda Paredes. He has participated in residencies at such places as the Atlantic Center for the Arts and RPI’s Create @ iEar, and has had work featured by el Museo Centroamericano de Arte Video (MUCEVI), the Electronic Music Foundation, Berkeley Art Museum/Pacific Film Archive (BAMPFA), and the Bienarte 8 Costa Rican Biennial, and in 2012 will be representing Costa Rica alongside visual artist Paulina Velazquez-Solis at the Biennial of the Central American Isthmus, in Panama City, Panama. (www.vauxflores.com)
Containment Scenario: Profound Fatigue (feature)
October 22, 2011
Meridian Gallery
San Francisco

Examining the discourse around climate change and how language becomes exhausted, dull, and ineffective, Profound Fatigue is the fourth installment in the five-part Containment Scenario series. Utilizing all three floors of the Meridian gallery and employing a combination of stage direction, choreography, structured improvisation, live-feed videography, and live transcription, Profound Fatigue explores varying modes of fracturing and recombining language, sound, video, and movement to investigate how these layered visual, auditory, and haptic modes of disjunction and correspondence ultimately influence meaning, listening, and cognition. Hosting a cast of horses, bears, wolves, a mustache doctor, and a curly headed woman, the swirling narrative is adapted from the book: Containment Scenario: DisLoInter MedTextId entCation: Horse Medicine (OBooks, 2009)



Written & Directed by M. Mara-Ann

Noah Phillips (guitar)
Jason Hoopes (bass)
Gretchen Jude (koto, voice)
Julie Binkley (dance, voice)
M. Mara-Ann (voice)
Alexa Hall (live-feed videography)
Melissa Lozano (live transcription)
Norman Catherine (video tech)

Previous Containment Scenario installments:
2011 Profound Fatigue (preview)
2009 FUEL
2008 The Clock
2007 The Global Environmental Crisis