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The   C O N T A I N M E N T   S C E N A R I O   Project

Containment Scenario book coverA five part intermedia performance series exploring the discourse around the climate crisis through the lens of improvisational music-dance-theater. Adapted from the book Containment Scenario: DisLoInter MedTextId entCation: Horse Medicine, the Containment Scenario series endeavors to extend the content of the book where each new performance is a further collaborative reading and a further collaborative writing of the text. Employing similar techniques as in contemporary music and dance with the use of improvistion and the extension of an instrument or body with innovative tools and practice, the Containment Scenario series also attempts to extend the classical reading and writing of the text through a collective engagement of performers and audience where the ideas from the text emerge, expand, and elaborate through a collaborative intermedia discourse.


Sugar Pine Tesla
MEDIATE PlayBack Festival
Marin Headlands

Sugar Pine Tesla

Escúchame Potato
Subterranean Arthouse
Berkeley, California

Escúchame Potato

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