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Containment Scenario: Profound Fatigue (preview)
February 12, 2011
The Movement Lab
San Francisco

Profound Fatigue is M. Mara-Annís newest intermedia performance exploring the discourse around the climate crisis and the fourth installment in the five-part Containment Scenario series. Utilizing all three floors of the Meridian gallery, Profound Fatigue will present a trans-disciplinary work employing improvised music, dance, text, theater, and live-feed videography that moves and shifts between floors as the surreal audio-visual tale of environment unfolds. Hosting a cast of horses, bears, wolves, a mustache doctor, and a curly headed woman, the swirling narrative explores the language used to discuss climate change as we attempt to name and un-name the ineffable. Preview video and images for the show from our spring preview!

Written & Directed by M. Mara-Ann

Noah Phillips (guitar)
Julie Binkley (dance, voice)
Sarah Elena Palmer (voice)
Alexa Hall (voice)
M. Mara-Ann (voice)

Previous Containment Scenario installments:
2011 Profound Fatigue (feature)
2009 FUEL
2008 The Clock
2007 The Global Environmental Crisis