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Containment Scenario: FUEL
August 20, 2009
Luggage Store Gallery Experimental Music Series
San Francisco

Exploring how information is received, sustained, and inflamed in collective dialogue through differentiating and converging modes of auditory, visual, and haptic listening, FUEL is the third installment in the five-part Containment Scenario series exploring the discourse around the climate crisis. Employing a combination of stage direction, choreography, and structured improvisation, FUEL explores complimentary, contrasting, and contradictory layers of discourse — creating an interplay between resonance and dissonance that is at times both engaging and distrubing. FUEL is adapted from the book: Containment Scenario: DisLoInter MedTextId entCation: Horse Medicine (OBooks, 2009)

Written & Directed by M. Mara-Ann

Anantha R. Krishnan (kanjira)
Emily Packard (violin)
Noah Phillips (guitar)
Travis Johns (electronics)
Julie Binkley (dance)
Rebecca Wilson (dance)
Sarah Elena Palmer (voice)
M. Mara-Ann (voice)
Luke Selden (live reactive video)

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